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Become strong, confident and poised in heels

Are you wearing your shoes or are your shoes wearing you?

In business, many women wear flats, wedges, or things that are just comfortable. Is that really what you want your brand to be? Do you want to be the comfortable woman, or do you want to be the strong, confident, poised woman behind your business?

I know it can be stressful, especially on your legs, to wear heels of any size. It causes pain and discomfort. Yes, we all get it. But, what if you could find a way to wear heels with comfort?

What if there was a program that could allow you to wear heels,
even on the longest of days?

Introducing High Heel Profits. It’s time to get confident!!

High Heel Profits is the solution for your high heel woes. The High Heel Profits programs allow you to train your body and to stretch your body enabling you to wear heels with comfort, even on the longest of days. You will stand in front of a live event for eight hours and not want to kick those shoes off at the end of the day.

The High Heel Profits program will help you show up at events and meetings poised, confident, and strutting your stuff like you are the only one in your business.

That confidence is a sales piece. A sales piece that you are probably not taking advantage of.

How would you like to get your power back? With High Heel Profits, you are going to take yourself from comfy to confident. Stop wasting profits on being comfortable, it is time to get confident.

High Heel Profits Programs & Services

Program Includes:

  • Not Wearing Heels? WHY HEELS?
  • Already Wearing Heels? Why SELF CARE?
  • Injury Prevention
  • Exercises, Stretches, and Self Massage to get Your Legs in the Best Shape for Heels
  • How to Walk, Stand, Sit, and So Much More
  • Shopping for the Perfect Heel
  • Breaking In Your Heels
  • Quick Tips and Tricks

Cost: $197

Experience the High Heel Profits program live and in person or by live video streaming with interactive Question and Answer session...the High Heel Profits Workshop Program is available for groups, individuals, conferences or trade shows.

Maybe you need a bit of one on one or need some extra coaching. Get private coaching on the things you need help with....Walking, sitting, shopping, exercises, stretches or other techniques.

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Meet Maralana Fulton

Maralana is the founder of the Go. Do. Be. and High Heel Profits. She knows first hand the importance of motivation and support in achieving healthy living goals. She began her journey nearly 150lbs overweight and through a series of life events, has grown her quest for a healthy, active lifestyle into a business that is accredited with helping individuals lose over 2,000 lbs. in its first year. Confidence was key to her start, which began with a new career in Massage Therapy in 2005. From here she continued her education to become a Certified Licensed Esthetician.

As Maralana began to excel in this new life, it was clear that she needed to become more active and was ready to start really living! She developed a passion for working out, incorporating a mix of gym workouts with outdoor sports- snowboarding and mountain biking. As she began to lose weight she gained confidence as others were now seeking her advice! She became an NASM Certified Personal Trainer so that she could continue to provide those around her with the right answers as well as take an active roll in her continuing weight loss.

She has spent the last 4 years helping others find their Go Do Be and ways to make it happen. From workouts, coaching, motivation, or just being there as an adventure buddy, Maralana has created an ever growing community of people that share the Go Do Be mentality. Including a special High Heel Profits program that gives women confidence in wearing heels.

She is now a fitness blogger, professional speaker and motivator challenging her clients to answer the questions: Where do you want to GO? What do you want to DO? Who do you want to BE?


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